Biofeedback Electro Stimulation
with incredible devices from Avazzia, Inc.
Listen to this Amazing call with Tim Smith and Dr Stan Wolfe
introducing the new B.E.S.T. devices from Avazzia

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Another great call with Dr Stan Wolfe!
Learn how effective using the
Best-Vet™ Therapeutic Pet Massager can be.
Be sure to listen to the questions and answers to the end
where we have a surprise guest visit from Dr Eugene Miller
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Avazzia President, Tim Smith, and Dr Stan Wolfe
discuss the superiority of Avazzia devices over similar
microcurrent technology from competitors.
Listen to this call!
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Tim Smith and Dr Stan Wolfe
provide practical instruction on how
to use the Avazzia Blue and the Best Pro 1.
Great call! Great questions and answers.
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Let the Avazzia Best Pro 1 ease your pain!
Pain is a $150 billion industry in the Unites States alone.
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Listen to our special guest, Javier Lopez
Many amazing results after using the device
only 6 weeks in his medical practice.
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Live instruction on using the Avazzia Blue
Listen to Tim Smith explain how to turn the device on
and how to use it.
Great call!
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Dr Stan Wolfe & Tim Smith on Pain Relief
Dr Stan Wolfe details the types of neuropeptides your
C-fibers will produce with the use of the Avazzia device
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Tim Smith on Training, Support,
& Avazzia Seminars

Hear many testimonials from members
who have attended Avazzia training seminars.
Detailed explanation on the use of your Best Pro 1
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Tim Smith gives a detailed explanation
on the use of the Best Pro 1 and the Ezzi Lift devices
Listen and learn how to use each mode.
Don't miss the Q & A. Great information on getting more energy.
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Avazzia devices sell themselves!
Demonstrate an Avazzia device on any of your friends.
First they will want to borrow it ... then they will want to buy it.
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Tim Smith outlines the history
of electro stimulation devices and their developement.
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Dr Stan Wolfe Discusses C-Fiber Stimulation
causing the effective secretion of neuropeptides for pain relief.
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Fantastic Call!!
Dr. John Hache and Dr Lorry Hache really expose the potential of microcurrent biofeedback technology.
Avazzia simply has the BEST and everyone you meet needs a device.
Listen to this call!
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Avazzia BEST devices are a great value!
Many customers are no longer purchasing pain medication.
Their savings exceed the cost of this
FDA approved device in just a few months.
All the unwanted side effects are gone!
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John Rosanbalm shares his
Avazzia Seminar experience.

Tim Smith fields many questions and answers.
Listen and learn!
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How to share Avazzia BEST devices
Listen to the testimonials

Tim Smith discusses many ways to share with others.
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Great Call!
More amazing testimonials.

Sharing the Avazzia technology is very easy.
We all know people that have pain issues.
It's easy to get them talking about their pain.
It's even easier to share the Avazzia solution.
They will all get results!
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September 7th, 2010
Avazzia BEST devices vs Russian Scenars.
Listen to Tim Smith make a comparison.
Also listen to a discussion of how to treat diabetic neuropathy.
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September 21st, 2010
Special Guest Tammy LaHutsky.
Avazzia Operations Manager, Tammy shares some amazing
information and experiences using the EzziLift device.
Look 10 Years Younger!
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September 28th, 2010
Special Guest Dr John Hache
President of the North American BioFeedback Association
and Doctor of Natural Medicine
Listen to this call!
Get amazing insight into the micro-current
stimulation technology of the Avazzia devices!

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October 12th, 2010
Avazzia CEO Tim Smith
Shares his vision for having the benefits of Avazzia microcurrent
biofeedback technology in every household in the world.
As a WWC member you can be a part of
helping people around the world.

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October 19th, 2010
Avazzia CEO Tim Smith
Hear a brief overview of each of the BEST devices.
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November 16th, 2011
Great Call!
Description of Each Avazzia Device

Listen to this call to learn the distinctions among each BEST device.
This is a great call to help you decide which device is best for your needs.
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April 5th, 2011
Incredible Offer from Avazzia

For the next 30 days (through Friday May 6th)
Purchase a Med Best or a Med Sport and receive
a FREE Y-Electrode ... That's a $150 value!
Don't Delay buy one today.
Listen to this call (60 minutes) ...
The testimony shared at the end was great.
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May 3rd, 2011
Pain Relief
Avazzia is a Sure Thing

This is energy medicine at its best.
Tim Smith describes his training in the space industry
and why Avazzia engineering is superior to all others.
Hear many testimonial stories on this call.
Tim describes the frequencies on the Med Best and Blue
Best Choice in Energy Medicine

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June 7, 2011
Avazzia Technology
is Amazing!

Tim Smith explains the difference
between prescription and non-prescription Avazzia devices
Hear the history of modern day electro stimulation microcurrent devices.
Tim explains how superior Avazzia devices are when compared to all competitors.
Microcurrent technology from Avazzia that will make you look younger.
Tim discusses the use of light therapy with the EzziLift
Incredible Offer from Avazzia renewed!
Through July 31st
Purchase a Med Best or a Med Sport and receive
a FREE Y-Electrode ... That's a $150 value!
Don't Delay buy one today.
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July 12th, 2011
Avazzia - the Cutting Edge of Energy Medicine
Tim Smith reviews the modern history of energy medicine as
related to the use of subtle microcurrent signals and frequency.
Learn why Avazzia technology is superior to all others.
Pain Relief
Pain relief is a $200 billion industry in the United States alone.
There are 115 million Americans suffering from acute and chronic pain.
Together with our members, Whole Wellness Club wants to place an
Avazzia device in every household. Tim explains the exact mechanism
by which Avazzia devices cause the body to relieve pain.
Future Products from Avazzia
Tim Smith and his team are on the verge of using half again as much
circuitry to accomplish the same results we are getting from our current devices.
Also in the near future ... learn about the Tesla Chi Device
RSI Devices Described
Tim explains how effective the Avazzia RSI is
for treatment of carpal tunnel and diabetic neuropathy pain.
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September 6th, 2011
Every household needs an Avazzia device!
Tim Smith explains why this is true. Everyone experiences pain.
Avazzia is authorized by the FDA to make claims of pain relief.
Listen to the testimonies and questions of people on this call.
Removing the appearance of wrinkles
Cosmetics is a huge industry. Tim Smith states on the call
that he will go up against the $13,000 + microcurrent machines
that professional cosmetologists use with the Avazzia EzziLift
and, by comparison, he provide superior results.
Why pay a cosmetologist $200 per treatment when you can own an EzziLift
for a few hundred dollars and have a treatment any time you want.
Pro Sport
Tim discusses the advantages of owning the professional grade
Pro Sport as compared to all the other Avazzia devices.
You will always be at the cutting edge of energy medicine.
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